First Person Plural
Dissociative identity disorders association

About Us

106502-20150319Founded in 1997 First Person Plural is one of the longest established UK organisations working specifically for and on behalf of people affected by complex dissociative identity disorders, i.e. Dissociative Identity Disorder – also known as Multiple Personality Disorder (DID/MPD), and DID-like Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified – now renamed Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (DDNOS/OSDD). It is the only UK membership charity specialising in this field. In 2014 it became a charitable incorporated organisation.

These dissociative identity disorders are possible long term consequences when children are subjected to repeated abuse or other traumas from a very young age, particularly when the trauma is extreme and continues over several months or, more commonly, years. A traumatised child may effectively use the universal, instinctive, human, coping strategy of dissociation to survive the horrors and terrors of their life. When this survival strategy has to be used frequently and/or over an extended period during the time when the child’s brain and personality is rapidly developing, dissociation shapes the way the child’s psycho-neurological systems develop leaving them at risk of experiencing one of the complex dissociative identity disorders in adulthood or adolescence, whether or not they are currently subject to ongoing trauma.

First Person Plural works to facilitate mutual support between our members and is currently supporting the establishment of pilot regional mutual support groups open to both members and non-members. Also for the wider public benefit we provide information, training and resources to support these activities e.g. training and information films and this website.

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with other organisations who share our interests and ethos, in the firm belief that collaborative working is key to achieving common goals of improved and earlier recognition, together with effective, timely treatment and support services for all those affected by the dissociative identity disorders.