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Dissociative identity disorders association

Durham training in Complex Dissociation

Trauma-related Complex Dissociation : Origins & Consequences Parts 1 and 2
Thurs 22nd & Fri 23rd September 2016 

First Person Plural’s experienced trainers Melanie Goodwin & Kathryn Livingston deliver this two day course to provide an understanding about complex dissociative conditions (DID and related); and explore practical ways of recognising and supporting people who have dissociative identity disorder or similar.  The course is suitable for professionals of all disciplines and levels of experience who work in mental health or other services which support people who may be described as vulnerable for a variety of reason, particularly clients who may have a history of early trauma/abuse.  Family, foster/adoptive parents and friends who care for someone with DID may also find the course helpful.

Part 1 : [can be attended on its own] Learning Objectives:

  • To raise awareness of dissociation and its role in surviving abuse or trauma.
  • To introduce the dissociation continuum and the spectrum of dissociative disorders, including dissociative identity disorder (DID)
  • To understand the reality of living with dissociative identity disorder
  • To explore practical ways of supporting people who experience complex dissociation.

Part 2: [prior attendance on Part 1 required] Learning Objectives:

  • To improve understanding of the complexity and contradictions in how DID clients present
  • To provide complex dissociation-specific information and practical suggestions which support participants existing professional knowledge and training
  • To develop participants’ practice when supporting a DID client in crisis

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