First Person Plural
Dissociative identity disorders association

Being A Member

First Person Plural (FPP) is a membership association charity, so without our members there is no FPP.  The membership offered is of First Person Plural – the charity, not simply membership of this website.  Membership of the charity brings tangible membership benefits and just by joining the charity you are helping us to achieve our aims. The more and varied our members the more likely we will be listened to.  Members do not have to be any more directly involved than they wish, however there are opportunities to influence the charity’s direction by providing feedback on our work, by attending and/or voting at the AGM or by becoming a trustee to directly participate in the governance of the charity and make strategic decisions about its future.

To become a member click HERE to download a Membership Application Form, complete it and return it to us by post or email with your payment.  The form gives details of how payment can be made. Before completing your form read all relevant information below.

Categories of Membership

Any individual adult or organisation can become a member of the charity. There are two categories of UK membership – Full and Associate, and an International category.  All members must honestly support the aims of First Person Plural; must not act intentionally to undermine the association’s work or its reputation; and behave appropriately and with due care for self (‘selves’) & others when receiving membership benefits.

FULL MEMBERSHIP is for any individual adult survivor of childhood abuse / trauma who has been diagnosed or self-identifies as experiencing (or has recovered from) one of the complex dissociative identity conditions (e.g. Dissociative Identity Disorder / Type 1 Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified / DID-like Other Specified Dissociative Disorder) and who is resident in the UK and/or is a UK citizen.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is for any other individual adult who is resident in the UK and/or is a UK citizen e.g. friends, partners or relatives of an individual who lives with (or has recovered from) complex dissociative distress; other adult survivors of childhood abuse; mental health service users; individual therapists/counsellors, other health or social care professionals and allied workers; anyone else with an interest.   UK-based organisations can also join as Associate members.

INTERNATIONAL MEMBERSHIP is for any individual adult or organisation that would otherwise qualify for Full or Associate membership except that they are neither resident / based in the UK nor a UK citizen living abroad.

Benefits of Membership


  • Membership welcome mailing includes copy of “Understanding Dissociative Disorders” booklet and any already published issues of the current volume of our newsletter “Rainbows End”
  • Total of 4 issues per year of members support and information newsletter “Rainbows End”
  • Other mailings which may be of interest, including details of relevant training courses
  • Access to relevant pages of the membership-only section of this website
  • Invites to attend Members Open Meetings and AGM
  • May stand in annual elections for the Board of Trustees
  • If elected onto Board of Trustees may nominate self for honorary officer positions of Secretary or Treasurer
  • Has a vote at the AGM and other General Meetings
  • Limited opportunities for discounted places at FPP’s own training events
  • Discounted purchase price of FPP’s learning resource films

FULL only

  • Access to the online mutual support forum
  • If elected onto Board of Trustees may nominate self for honorary officer position of Chairperson.

INTERNATIONAL members receive the same benefits as the equivalent full or Associate membership, with the exception of eligibility for election onto the Board.

Flexible Membership Subscription

The standard annual membership subscription fee for full and Associate members is £20.00 (International members £25.00).  However we run a pay what you can scheme.  Those unable to afford the full cost can pay less and those able to afford more can choose to make an additional donation if you wish after returning your application and paying the standard subscription.  For those paying less we recommend a minimum of £9.00 but will accept whatever you can afford.  Additionally, we will consider waiving the fee completely for those in such extreme financial hardship that any contribution towards the cost of membership is impossible. To request reduced or free membership please contact us giving a brief outline of your circumstances.

Membership Application