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Living with Trauma & Complex Dissociation

Understanding dissociative disorders (Mind booklet)

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Voice of someone with DDNOS

What I told my family about DID

Coping with therapists holiday

Ideas for coping with flashbacks

Tips for surviving Christmas

Looking on the lighter side of lives

Challenge of grounding

Picture worth a thousand words

Tips for journalling

Working with the protectors

Staying safe between therapy sessions

Tips for grounding

Alternative coping mechanisms to avoid self-harm

Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder

What is an empowered multiple

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Child Abuse Survivors Film

Tips for speaking to the press

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Helping when survivors is triggered or switches

Supporting someone with DID

Interview with a support worker

Brief information for supporters about survivors’ needs

Practical ways to help

Significant Others Guide to DID

A Partners Perspective (video)

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ESTD-UK Dissociative Disorders in Adults – Information for clinicians, service providers and Commissioners

ESTD-UK dissociative disorders in children and adolescents

ESTD-UK dissociative disorders and parenting

ESTD-UK role of medication in treating dissociative disorders in adults

DSMv Dissociative Disorders

List of ICD10 Dissociative Disorders

Calls to helplines from people with DID

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FPP statement to the campaign for recognition & Inclusion of dissociation & multiplicity

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