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Two training films are available to purchase – “A Logical Way of Being – the reality of dissociative identity disorder and other complex dissociative conditions” and “No Two Paths The Same – living and working therapeutically with dissociative identity disorder”.  Each is available as a DVD or as an MP4 download.  Versions of “A Logical Way of Being” subtitled in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish are also available in both formats.

A Logical Way of Being

A Logical Way of Being provides an introduction to dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D.) and other complex dissociative disorders. It gives the viewer information about their primary features, together with some understanding of their origins in early traumatic attachment and abuse experiences. You will gain insight into what it is like to live with D.I.D. and be introduced to the support needs of these individuals and the role of psychotherapeutic treatment.

This introductory training resource will help health, mental health, social care and related workers in all sectors and at all levels have a better understanding; use their existing skills and knowledge to better support individuals who have or may have D.I.D. or D.D.N.O.S; and be encouraged to learn more about the conditions, their assessment and how to provide the treatment and support needed.

“A Logical Way of Being” produced for First Person Plural by Serious Media features Kathryn Livingston, Melanie Goodwin and Oriel, three experts-by-experience who live with D.I.D. and Dr Mike Lloyd, Remy Aquarone and Sue Richardson, three mental health professionals from the NHS and private sector who are experienced in assessing and treating this and the similarly presenting D.D.N.O.S.

The film is designed primarily for:-

  • Staff within the NHS, local authority, voluntary or private sector mental and physical health, social care, or community services. This includes anyone working in a nursing, client/patient support, or clinical capacity and anyone involved in service design, management or commissioning.
  • NHS & local authority training officers and other trainers involved in sourcing and providing continuing professional development for any of the above staff
  • Further and Higher Education teaching staff and their students on courses which lead to qualifications for work in any of the above capacities.

Others that will find the film helpful include:-

  • Individual adults or older adolescents (15-18) who have been diagnosed as having DID or DDNOS
  • Therapists working with such individuals may want to use it as a resource for the psycho-education of their clients.
  • Partners, relatives and friends and anyone else who cares for adults or children who have or may have DID or DDNOS.
  • Any member of the general public who is interested in learning about childhood-trauma related complex dissociative disorders

No Two Paths The Same

No Two Paths The Same is a learning resource film which explains and offers insights into the phased-orientated treatment approach for Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).  It is an introductory and added value resource which offers access to the valuable experiences and many years of learning of a unique group of British pioneers in the field of dissociation and trauma.

It features three experts-by-experience who live with and are in long-term therapy for DID — Melanie Goodwin, Kathryn Livingston & Oriel; Paul, a partner of someone diagnosed with DID; Remy Aquarone, Analytical Psychotherapist; Dr Mike Lloyd, Clinical Psychologist working in the NHS; and Sue Richardson, Attachment – based Psychotherapist.

The film is designed to form the basis for discussions within relevant professional or vocational learning, tutorial, knowledge sharing, good practice development or other professional support networks.  Additionally it is a valuable tool to support delivery of pre-qualification or continuous professional development training or teaching sessions.  Especially those for established and emerging psychotherapists; counsellors; psychologists; psychiatrists; GPs and anyone providing psychological therapies or supporting patients/clients undergoing such treatment.  In addition to chapters on each of the three phases of therapy – Stabilisation, Trauma-work; and Consolidation & Integrated Living – there is a chapter giving a personal perspective from a partner, which is supportive for other partners of people who have DID to watch.  Individual adults or older adolescents (15-18) who identify as having DID or a similar complex dissociative condition may find it useful to hear about the therapeutic process from others who have DID and clinicians experienced in working with it.  The partner’s perspective chapter may also help those with DID to understand how their condition might affect those they love.

This film complements First Person Plural’s first training film “A Logical Way of Being – the reality of dissociative identity disorder and other complex dissociative conditions”.

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The two training films “A Logical Way of Being” (ALWOB) and “No Two Paths the Same” (NTPTS) are available to purchase as DVDs or as MP4 downloads.  ALWOB is also available in versions subtitled in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Turkish.  We have only limited copies of the subtitled DVD which has all six languages on it; but each language is available as a separate MP4 download.

The DVDs use the PAL video system and are region-free. As such they will play on modern DVD players in the UK and other countries that use the PAL system and on many computers with a DVD-drive anywhere in the world. However, you may not be able to play on a DVD-player in countries that use the NTSC video system (e.g. USA, Canada) but, remember, the films are also available as MP4 downloads which is an international standard media file format.

To order select the films / format / subtitled version you require from the relevant drop down menus below, then click the Buy Now button to complete payment using PayPal’s secure payments system. Members of ESTD who are from low income Eastern European countries should first contact us to enquire about further discounts, including on subtitled versions of ALWOB.


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