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Dissociative identity disorders association

Peer Support groups

Support groups specifically for people with complex dissociation are not established practice in the UK.  Some DID survivors who have tried general childhood sexual abuse survivor groups and/or mental health peer support have reported feeling isolated, triggered and not feeling understood or safe in these.

FPP is exploring the establishment of complex dissociation specific regional peer support groups. We currently have two running, one in Norwich and one in Chester, which we are using as pilots. In the true spirit of peer support and practicing our beliefs in empowerment and self -responsibility FPP support groups’ are not facilitated. They are run by the members and are a meeting place for sharing the ordinary aspects of present day living and how these are affected by having DID with others who really know what this is like.  The groups are for people who have some idea how their internal system works allowing the parts who manage the outside world to attend and stay stable within the meeting.  Members may bring a support person with them to meetings if they wish.   Participants will usually be in therapy and/or have other support where they are able to take any deeper issues that arise for them during group meetings.