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Dissociative identity disorders association

Commission our training

We offer a range of training and other educational sessions on dissociation, dissociative identity disorder and other complex dissociative conditions.  Related issues of attachment, complex PTSD, other trauma-related mental health problems, and organised ritual abuse are included.

All our training is available to be commissioned by voluntary, statutory and private sector organisations to be delivered in-house either as part of your own training provision for staff / volunteers or as an event which you organise to open up to a wider audience, perhaps as a fundraiser for your agency.

We will discuss your training needs with you and provide either one of our pre-designed training courses, put together a bespoke training package or provide facilitators for shorter seminar or awareness-raising type sessions.

Training may include:-

  • Defining dissociation & the role of dissociation in surviving abuse and trauma
  • Types of dissociative experience and their effects on survivor’s lives
  • The spectrum of dissociative disorders with a focus on dissociative identity disorders
  • Introduction to some theories of dissociation, including how dissociative disorders relate to other trauma-related conditions
  • Awareness of specialist dissociation screening & assessment tools and other useful resources
  • Problems of non-recognition of complex dissociative conditions and inappropriate treatments
  • Stabilisation, Working with Trauma, Consolidation & Integrated Living – the three phase model of treatment for complex dissociative conditions.
  • Myths and controversies about dissociative distress and related issues
  • Prevalence of complex dissociative conditions and other research results
  • Supporting the development of self-help and coping skills
  • Ways of supporting dissociative survivors
  • Looking after yourself as helper / supporter

Income from our training helps to support FPP’s other activities. We are committed to providing education about dissociation as widely as possible so our fees are negotiable. For guidance, in 2015 a one day training course for a small voluntary group with up to 30 participants could be provided for only £300 plus trainers expenses. Larger, better funded organisations can expect to pay proportionately more. Reasonable offers are never refused.  Brief awareness-raising sessions can be provided on an expenses only basis and/or for a donation.